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Batman The Brave And The Bold #4 Cover A Simone Di Meo (Knight Terrors)

Batman The Brave And The Bold #4 Cover A Simone Di Meo (Knight Terrors)

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KNIGHT TERRORS TIE-IN! Written by Dennis Culver, Ed Brisson, Rob Williams, and Megan Fitzmartin Art by Otto Schmidt, Jeff Spokes, Stefano Landini, and Belen Ortega While investigating a string of bloody gangland murders, Batman comes face-to-face with the newest member of his rogues gallery--the brutal Mr. Baseball! Dennis Culver and Otto Schmidt tell a gripping, violent tale of the Dark Knight! In a Knight Terrors tie-in, Stormwatch members Flint, Phantom-One, Core, and Shado are trapped in a nightmarish world where their deepest fears lurk around every corner...and their fear is just the beginning, because a new enemy has emerged--the Tempest! The return of Emilia Harcourt by Rob Williams and Stefano Landini! And this issue's Batman Black & White tale by Meghan Fitzmartin and Belen Ortega tells a powerful and brutal story about family, life and death!

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