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Godzilla Here There Be Dragons #2 Cover B Kirkham

Godzilla Here There Be Dragons #2 Cover B Kirkham

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Sir Francis Drake and his crew have reached the edge of the world...and Godzilla lives there! Rather than fear this monstrous "dragon," however, the expedition's resident scoundrel Henry Hull sees opportunity. He believes that the pirate who was last in possession of a great treasure passed by the desert island that Godzilla seemingly protects, and what better place to hide a fortune than one guarded by a creature most would be too cowardly to go near. But Hull doesn't have time to plot his own expedition to liberate the treasure before the Spanish Armada arrives! Legends meet in this fantastical, historical tale from writer Frank Tieri (Absolute Carnage vs. Deadpool) and Inaki Miranda (We Live), the creative team behind Old Lady Harley! Rated T

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