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Sheena Queen Of Jungle #1 Cover A Parrillo

Sheena Queen Of Jungle #1 Cover A Parrillo

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Which contest will be tougher for our feral champion of the wilderness to face - the savage, claws-out battle for domination of her jungle home, or the savage, claws-out battle for domination of... the world's most exclusive girl's boarding school? Yup, Cardwell Inc. is betting that some formal education will teach their long-lost, "raised by wolves" scion the niceties of civilization - while also conveniently removing her from her beloved Val Verde rainforest while they continue to relentlessly exploit it! But while you can take the girl out of the jungle, you can't take the jungle out of the girl - and when Sheena discovers the school's centennial celebration is the target of a deadly plot, classes won't be the only things the Queen of the Blackboard Jungle will have to cut! Featuring an expertly crafted syllabus from instructors WES CLARK JR., STEVEN E. DE SOUZA, and EDIANO SILVA, this exciting new course is sure to bring learning to life!

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